Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fall is in the Air.

First day of kindergarten last year: walking to the bus stop.

Today I'm going to make some of my favorite cookies (because it's cool and wet: a great day to bake).  Plus with my six year old going back to school next week I'll need healthy treats to pack in her lunches.

Best Ever Cookies

(I've also simplified the recipe)

Grilling Obsession: My hubby bought us a new (used but new to us :o) grill this summer and I've been doing a lot of grilling.  I thought it was a ploy to get me to cook large amounts of meat (my meat philosophy).  I've actually been doing more veggies than anything. Loving grilled kebabs especially with yellow squash, mushrooms, tomatoes, and sweet onion chunks (tossed in bacon grease w/ salt and pepper before skewering).  Grilled Broccoli is also Amazing (I just marinade in Italian herbs & spices a little oil and vinegar-instead of buying a bottle of dressing).  And something new I've tried is Grilled Cabbage. It is so tasty. I usually struggle to find ways to use a whole cabbage (I'm the only one who eats coleslaw around here) but this makes it go really fast.  We had it with brats... It was really good on the brats and it would be good to top burgers too.  The grill is a great way to cook veggies.  I challenge you to try something new on the grill while you still have the chance (unless you live in a land of eternal summer).

I'm also getting prepared for my apple harvest and to do some serious canning... I love having pie filling in the cupboard so I can quickly throw together a tasty apple crisp.  I'll also be making a whole lot of apple sauce and apple butter.

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