Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter-time Again.

Easter is just around the corner.  I hope we're enjoying time with our family preparing for another holiday.  Just a reminder of the purpose of Easter.  My daughter asked last week, What is Easter about anyway?  I asked her what she guessed... springtime, new baby animals, and eggs (although she wasn't sure why).  I told her that we celebrate Christ's resurrection and how he rose again.  He was dead like everything seems to die in winter and just like springtime brings new life, He lives again.  It is beautiful and wonderful.

There is a new video on with an inspiring message:

Because He Lives

In previous years I've shared some great posts.

  For more spiritual focus:  

and for some festive fun:

As far as egg decorating this year, I just did some dying from a simple kit. I had fun dipping while layering different colors in stripes (best to start with primary colors and layer on analogous colors). I found that rubber bands are a fun way to make stripes (especially the thick broccoli rubber bands).  And we had a kit that came with tattoos which are really cool and look much better than the stickers you find in most kits.

Here are a few of my beauties:

Some of them I just left in the dye cup after all the kids were done while I cleaned up.  They came out really bold with spots where the egg floated above the surface of the dye.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Neglected Blog....

Dear Blog,
I felt a twinge of guilt today.  Thinking about you... sorry I am not posting wonderful posts about all the wonderful things I'm doing.  No awesome tutorials about the Christmas cookies we made or some fabulous new healthy soup I found.  I've been busy.  Frankly, I'm glad I was neglecting you.  This fall I've been trying to take better care of myself, my home and my family.

  I've been trying to get back into an exercise routine.  I've been working on repairing a diastasis recti. See this link about it too (if you've had a baby and have no clue what that is... you should). I'm surprised that my first 2 OB's never brought it up, but I may not have had it until #3 since he was my first full term birth.  I've also been seeing a chiropractor regularly to figure out why I've kept putting my back out since having this last kid and to address a long-term sway back issue that's a big reason I'm having these issues.  My posture is better than ever.

---Maybe TMI for the gents: I had a nasty bout of mastitis just before I began the weaning process with my kiddo.  That was not a fun Halloween weekend.  My advice... when the baby is distracted and not nursing well make sure you get him to nurse well at some point... and make sure both sides get well drained... feel them and work out any lumps before he's done or make sure you get them worked out asap. During or after a nice hot shower lather with lots of coconut oil and massage them out.  Don't put it off and forget about it.  Coming down with fever, chills, and all sorts of pain and tenderness....ouch it hurts to recall... so not fun. Take ibuprofen to reduce the swelling and pain.  The tips from the Kellymom site on mastitis were very helpful.  I got over it within 3 days and didn't have to go to the doctor or be put on antibiotics (I would have gone in if I didn't get it handled by Monday).

I took an awesome online class called Behavior is Language (for my teaching re-certification).  It's for helping control classroom issues and understanding why kids act out, preventing it, and dealing with it when it happens.  I'm trying to use the knowledge and tools to better understand my family and friends and interact in more positive ways.

I've been trying to keep up better with laundry and dishes and trying to get my kids to help out more, and take more responsibility for all their crap stuff.  I also read this awesome article: Raising a Moral Child the other day and highly recommend it.

I signed up for and got 2 free audio books: Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, and Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage by Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  Then I de-activated my audible account and still have access to listen to these whenever I want.   I If I want to get more audio books I can activate it again and pay whatever monthly fee.  I also joined a "Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands Book Club" on Facebook. Both books are really helpful no matter how good your marriage is.  The first book is good if you're working on things on your own.  If your husband wants to get on board the Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage is also really good.

I'm just glad I did stuff with my family and didn't bother to grab my camera to document everything for my blog or put it off because I wasn't mentally prepared to do it properly and document it on my blog.

I don't feel too guilty after all.  It's not like this blog is making me any money.  I just hope it helps other moms out.  Sorry Blog, but I'd rather neglect you first than the other priorities in my life.

-DIY Mom
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