Monday, April 7, 2014

Patchwork Fabric Eggs

Want to make some awesome Easter eggs this year?  Here are 4 different ways to make some awesome eggs.

This year I decided to do more of my patchwork eggs.  They make cute gifts, are adorable, and durable.

Eggs I did this year

Using a blown egg, I pasted small scraps of fabic paper-mache' style with slightly watered down Elmers (to increase drying time so I can work with them longer).  I feel it's best to overlap all of your edges just a little or they slide around on the egg while you're trying to work.

I found a fun way to make a simple diamond pattern.   I cut 8-9 diamond (or quadrilateral) shapes of fabric for the top and bottoms.  Basically make a pinwheel on the bottom w/ 8-9 diamonds.  Make another pinwheel on the top using 8-9 more diamond scraps, then fill in the gaps around the center w/8-9 more pieces (usually used fabric with more contrast across center).  Or you might want to leave the egg showing (as you see 1 white egg and 2 lovely brown eggs showing through on the image above).

For doing random patches of different shapes diamonds, triangles, squares etc.  I suggest using 4-5 coordinating fabrics so you don't have to have the same color touching (except for kitty-corner)

If you want to showcase pretty prints on the fabrics (like the one in the center above I suggest putting your showcase scraps on first (cut them bigger than what you want to show and snip around the edges so the fabric will lie flat on the round egg.)  Then use other fabrics in small pieces to frame around the print overlapping on top of the edges.

Last year, I did these ones below. We did some using Elmer's glue (thinned) and an off-brand Tacky-Glue.  Avoid the tacky glue because the fabric sticks to your hands too much... if you add lots of water it might do okay and they did have a more transparent affect.  I used both simple cotton fabric and flannel (see the ladybug egg).  It gives a little different texture (note: the flannel absorbs more glue).


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