Friday, April 4, 2014

Why Won't the LDS Church Ordain Women?

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I don't usually address super-controversial subjects on my blog, but I recently had a moment of clarity regarding the issue over women holding the priesthood in the LDS Church.  I felt a strong need to share.

Regarding the Ordain Women Movement: The Lord has designed the church to meet the needs of his children. If it wasn't meeting our needs, I'm sure counsel would be given to change it. I can see why changes were made so blacks could receive the priesthood. The growth of the church in predominantly black areas warranted a need for such change. I suppose if the majority of men in the church were not fulfilling their priesthood responsibilities, then the Lord would find a way to bring the blessings of the priesthood to the people of the earth (that might mean ordaining women).

 I feel that we need to have a little more faith in our priesthood holders. I don't feel that the demands of the priesthood are more than they can handle. If women feel so strongly that they (or others in the church) are unable to receive blessings of the priesthood, they should be pleading to the Lord for an answer. I would hope their spouses, fathers, home teachers, or priesthood leaders could help fill that need.

 If the current system was suddenly unable to further the work of the Lord, then yes I suppose He would (through his prophets) make changes in the church. I do believe that the church is not a democracy but it is His church. We need to have faith in His divine plan: He will insure that His work (the salvation of his children) WILL continue forward (which is the point of having an organized church in the first place). This is my testimony on the matter. Amen.

I know my blog is called Do-It-Yourself Mom
I don't mean that every mom should do everything alone (although there are many things we can). For some things we must rely on each other.  Sometimes this takes great faith and humility.  I've often heard the saying 'No man is an island.'  Well, no woman is either

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  1. Completely agree. Thank you for your thoughts on this really echoed my thoughts completely!

  2. Here are my thoughts on the Ordination of Women in the LDS Church:


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