Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Understanding Easter on a Deeper Level

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I know there are so many things to do around the holidays.  Easter is such an important holiday, but too often we get caught up in the Easter Bunny stuff and all the excitement for spring that we don't think about the deepest most important reason we celebrate this holiday.

Christ lives, yes he died for our sins, but he rose again.  We can live again and because of his atonement we have the power to rise above our sins, faults, weaknesses, and all the failings of mortality.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints created this video to remind us:

Also visit: http://easter.mormon.org/ for more links and information regarding the importance of Easter.  I hope we can share this message with our children this Easter.

This is also a beautiful Message about Easter and the meaning of Christ's atonement in our lives:


I love the purpose of this site:
#StartingToday Campaign Encourages Change
Christmas is a time of good will toward others. New Year’s inspires resolutions. But how does Easter go beyond the superficial themes of Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies? That question is the focus of the new YouTube video, “Starting Today.”
Radiant, a new values-based content provider owned by boncom, will premiere the thought-provoking message for Easter this Saturday. Starting Today will inspire viewers to take a closer look at their lives and make positive changes.
“The central message of the video is that change can begin at any time because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ—the defining event of Easter,” Brandon Burton, the president of boncom, explained. “His life and teachings give us the hope and the help to bring about real, positive change in our lives.”
Starting Today isn’t just an inspiring short film. It’s a holistic campaign encouraging viewers to post personal resolutions on social media with the hashtag #StartingToday.
Radiant hopes that by sharing the video and their resolutions, social media users will inspire their friends and family to take action, too. startingtoday.radiant.org (http://apartirdehoy.radiant.org/ in Spanish), a Radiant -sponsored website, provides some suggestions for positive change, such as “forgive more” and “strengthen relationships.”
Radiant is dedicated to producing engaging, uplifting content. By creating great media experiences based on the time-honored virtues of integrity, morality, and human kindness, Radiant aims to help strengthen families, build faith, promote service and inspire greatness.

Starting today I will more consciously testify of truth to strengthen and inspire those around me.

I know that Jesus Christ is my Redeemer and Savior.  I am grateful for the hope he brings to my life.  He loves all of us beyond our ability to comprehend.  He understands all of our struggles and hardships.  He knows.  He is there for us. Through him, we have the power to overcome anything.  Amen.

Christ's atonement is so important in our lives.  I recently watched this devotional on the Atonement.  I know I've understood different parts of this message at different times in my life, but this one talk really helps to bring it all into perspective. It's so inspiring and eye-opening.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Patchwork Fabric Eggs

Want to make some awesome Easter eggs this year?  Here are 4 different ways to make some awesome eggs.

This year I decided to do more of my patchwork eggs.  They make cute gifts, are adorable, and durable.

Eggs I did this year

Friday, April 4, 2014

Why Won't the LDS Church Ordain Women?

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I don't usually address super-controversial subjects on my blog, but I recently had a moment of clarity regarding the issue over women holding the priesthood in the LDS Church.  I felt a strong need to share.

Regarding the Ordain Women Movement: The Lord has designed the church to meet the needs of his children. If it wasn't meeting our needs, I'm sure counsel would be given to change it. I can see why changes were made so blacks could receive the priesthood. The growth of the church in predominantly black areas warranted a need for such change. I suppose if the majority of men in the church were not fulfilling their priesthood responsibilities, then the Lord would find a way to bring the blessings of the priesthood to the people of the earth (that might mean ordaining women).

 I feel that we need to have a little more faith in our priesthood holders. I don't feel that the demands of the priesthood are more than they can handle. If women feel so strongly that they (or others in the church) are unable to receive blessings of the priesthood, they should be pleading to the Lord for an answer. I would hope their spouses, fathers, home teachers, or priesthood leaders could help fill that need.

 If the current system was suddenly unable to further the work of the Lord, then yes I suppose He would (through his prophets) make changes in the church. I do believe that the church is not a democracy but it is His church. We need to have faith in His divine plan: He will insure that His work (the salvation of his children) WILL continue forward (which is the point of having an organized church in the first place). This is my testimony on the matter. Amen.

I know my blog is called Do-It-Yourself Mom
I don't mean that every mom should do everything alone (although there are many things we can). For some things we must rely on each other.  Sometimes this takes great faith and humility.  I've often heard the saying 'No man is an island.'  Well, no woman is either

If you want further information LDS.org has several articles about the topic.
These 3 in particular:
Mormon.org: Why Don't Women Hold the Priesthood in the Church?
Women and the Priesthood
Church Asks Activist Group to Reconsider Plans to Protest at General Conference

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