Thursday, February 28, 2013

Halftees: Solving Wardrobe Issues (promo code!)

I hate to layer.  I don't like all the extra bunching... and tugging on layers keeping them from riding up.  Over the years I've avoided wearing several of my favorite clothing pieces because they are too revealing to be worn alone, but I don't like messing up the look of the outfit with all the bunching (usually at the waist).  Do you avoid buying beautiful, flattering, stylish clothes because they are just a little too revealing... even when you find them at a great price?  I have.

Halftees are a great way to save money by expanding your current wardrobe.You won't feel like you need to go out and buy something new, because you're frustrated about all your cute clothes you can't or don't wear.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Free Online Workouts

 I've been collecting a series of online workouts. I prefer ones that I can do without equipment in my underwear (no extra workout clothes to wash)... I suppose when my son gets older I'll have to change my habits.

I found this years ago. I love Joel Harper's workouts... They're from Oprah/Dr. OZ

They may seem challenging at first (especially if you're out of shape) but get easier each time you do it.  I always feel so good after doing these workouts.
If you are looking to lose some pounds I would suggest doing more throughout the week. Either walking or doing some sort of cardio.  

 PREGO AND FIT: If you're expecting I feel it is very important to exercise.  If you don't pregnancy can be very miserable.  I consider childbirth like a marathon.  The better you prepare for it the easier it will be and easier to recover from.  Doctor Cathy on You Tube has some excellent workouts  that saved me during my pregnancies.  (I also highly recommend a natural childbirth or Lamaze class).

WARM UP  This warm up can be done throughout pregnancy and helps to stretch and relieve all of the tension and sciatic pains that comes with pregnancy.  Around 8 months some days I was unable to walk without doing this simple 6 minute warm up.  If I was really stiff and immobile I would do it 2 or 3 times (it's so short you can)  and I'd feel so much better by the end.

CARDIO PRE & POST NATAL This one is a great workout that helps your abs support that huge belly.  It was also helpful when I needed to firm up after giving birth.  I like this workout because it requires no equipment.  She has tons of other workouts that you may need an exercise ball, weights, or help from a chair etc.

SERIOUS TONING/SHAPING WORKOUTS: For those who're looking for a challenge.  These workouts require good sneakers and comfortable clothes and a little more space than the others.

Tracy Anderson is so lean and strong.  Her workouts are quite challenging but I believe the pay-off will be worthwhile.  I need to get working on her workouts... they are pretty hard for me and I'm in pretty good shape at this point.

Butt and Thighs

Her 45 min. Thanksgiving Cardio series (this requires dance/coordination skills which is probably what makes it the most challenging for me.  If I buckled down and did it 3 times consecutively I could probably get it down.)
PART 1    PART 2   PART 3  If you make a playlist on youtube you can get it to autoplay these in a row.

You will feel the burn with this one... just jumping around, trying to keep up, you're guaranteed to lose some pounds.

If you know of some more awesome free online workouts that you can do easily at home.  Please Share.  I plan to add on to this post.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What's a Flexitarian?

image source
I feel like I am already becoming a Flexitarian and I just found out what one is: I stumbled on a blog written by a woman explaining how she eventually became a vegan. I don't feel that veganism is necessary, but I want to consume much less meat.  I've watched a lot of documentaries on the food industry, the poor treatment of animals, and the unsustainable nature of our nation's animal product over-indulgence.  I've been eating less meat and I really would like to stop purchasing meat from large meat producers.  Kellie (from the blog) read this book by Michael Pollen, In Defense of Food  (he also is behind the film Food, Inc which is in my netflix instant cue :o)
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