Thursday, February 28, 2013

Halftees: Solving Wardrobe Issues (promo code!)

I hate to layer.  I don't like all the extra bunching... and tugging on layers keeping them from riding up.  Over the years I've avoided wearing several of my favorite clothing pieces because they are too revealing to be worn alone, but I don't like messing up the look of the outfit with all the bunching (usually at the waist).  Do you avoid buying beautiful, flattering, stylish clothes because they are just a little too revealing... even when you find them at a great price?  I have.

Halftees are a great way to save money by expanding your current wardrobe.You won't feel like you need to go out and buy something new, because you're frustrated about all your cute clothes you can't or don't wear.

Keep reading for an exclusive Halftee promo code for DIY-MOM readers at the end of the post!

Sometimes I've purchased tops or dresses because I couldn't resist, and then I never wear them, because bunching layers drive me crazy.  I was frustrated because I love this cute blue top (pictured below) but it always looked bad because the tank I wear under it bunches at the waist.  Also, the fabric of the top is lightweight jersey (so it clings to the fabric underneath).  I guess there are silky camisoles you could wear, but they look like underwear showing under your tops. I like dressing classy and professional.  I don't think bra straps should show, underwear should be underneath, and I certainly don't want my clothes adding unsightly bulges to my figure.

I grew up wearing lots of ill-fitting hand-me-downs from my older sisters and various cousins.  I rarely bought new clothes and when I did I never new what size to buy.  After having kids, I lost my lean figure and had work to regain it.  I found a greater appreciation for my body.  I wasted so many years dressing frumpy.  Now I prefer to wear clothes that actually fit.  Deep v-neck styles are very flattering for the figure.  Wearing a Halftee you can wear the stylish look without revealing too much and embarrassing your kids, family, co-workers... etc.

I bought just the white Tank Halftee and the red Boyfriend Halftee.  The photos I've posted are just a few of the pieces I can now wear bunch-free, and that I now enjoy wearing more often.  I'm excited to buy some cute maxi-dresses for this summer, without spoiling the flow of a nice empire waistline.  I plan to buy a cap-sleeved original Halftee for sure.  Maybe next fall I'll venture into buying a 3/4 or long-sleeved Halftee.  I love the colored Halftees for adding a punch of color to some of my nice, but a bit boring, neutral staples.
 Halftees are great for:
  • breaking out your spring wardrobe a little early (add a sleeve to make a dress warmer). Halter-tops, sundresses, tube tops, tanks etc.
  • wearing some of your awesome summer dresses or tops into the fall or through the winter (you can even pair them with matching tights or leggings).
  • wearing tops/dresses that are cut too low at the neckline, back, and around the arm-holes.
  • Maternity:  Wearing them under maternity tops and dresses that are low-cut w/out having an under-layer create a horizontal line across a growing belly.  I've also read that they provide just enough support to be used as a night bra as the pregnant body grows.
  • Nursing: Low-cut nursing tops/dresses, wearing button up shirts that you can no longer button all the way up.
Wear those cute items in your wardrobe.  Be creative and wear them through multiple seasons. Find ways to comfortably layer Spend less money on maternity and nursing clothes.  And, since you're probably frugal like me, use this coupon code to get a great deal.
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My observations on fabric, fit, and features:
  Purchase your normal shirt size. The 'original' fabric is lighter and thinner and very stretchy (like the white tank I bought size XS).  The 'modal' fabric (like my red one size S) is denser and more opaque. It may fit snugger than the same size in the original fabric because it is less stretchy. I have very square shoulders so I ordered a size bigger and I love it.
  Did I mention that they are reversible?  The neckline on one side is slightly lower than the other side. So you can wear each one 2 different ways.  My white tank's necklines are lower than my red Boyfriend style Halftee.  I think part of it is the style of the top (the Boyfriend is more like a traditional t-shirt fit) Part of it may be because of the size difference and the stretch of the fabric.

NOTE: I am not receiving compensation for this post.  I purchased these products with my own money. I contacted the seller because I love the products and wanted to share.  But, I am going to make good use of the promo code!

NOTE 2: I wore the strapless dress with the red Halftee to church.  I do not recommend wearing strapless dresses when you have to carry a squirmy toddler. (I guess maybe some women have ample bust to keep the dress in place). I had no serious wardrobe malfunction but I had to keep pulling it up. I bought matching black ribbon and will be adding straps.


  1. I LOVE half tees. They are perfect for making cute, but low shirts wearable. I always wear mine backward, for a little higher neckline. It was a lifesaver while I taught, I was pregnant and became quite busty...I did NOT want to give my 7th graders a shot of my cleavage while bending over, helping them with an assignment! They are awesome and worth the money. I have a black and white one, and wear them probably 5 days a week.

  2. Becca...did you know that Jodie Shobes sister is the mastermind behind half tees? They are great! And I especially love the lace ones!

  3. Ahhh, I was thinking it was Kyle's sister... I'm not sure if that's the gal I've been corresponding with.

  4. If you like them on Facebook, they do weekly giveaways.


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