Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I LOVE MY MOM: lessons my mom has taught me.

I had a rough mom day yesterday.... blowing up and screaming at my kids who seemed hell-bent on defying me.  Times like that you seriously question why you work so hard and whether it's worth it all.... At the moment it doesn't seem like it.
  But it

worth every minute of it!

I've been sitting in my pajamas all morning, relaxing in my disgusting disaster of a home (at the moment), feeding my boys, playing tag throughout the house, and feeling very blessed.  I grew up in a large family and nothing was completely perfect but we were loved, we spent time together (we didn't really have much technology to distract us... we had 1 computer that we shared and often used 2 of us at a time).  Blessed not to have a dishwasher so we could wash the dishes together (and had a water fight several nights a week).  We made a whole lot of mess and fought, and destroyed things, and gave our parents so many headaches.

My parents and all of my siblings--- amazingly together in 1 photo.
My mom got fed up and angry at times and sometimes screamed at us (but considering all she put up with it was extremely rare).  But no matter what we did, our mother forgave us and she still loves us all to this day.  I felt horrible for getting so mad at my kids (who were being quite the insane devils last night).  But after all was said and done we had quite the time out... mostly for me to calm and recompose myself.  we had some nice long talks, made up hugged, had a late dinner, story time, and all were happy to go to bed at the end of it.  I try to live by the scripture that encourages me to reprove betimes with sharpness and then afterward show an increase in love (Doctrine & Covenants 121:43).

They were so quick to forgive me, after punishment, after a little time, a break, and discussion they somewhat realized the stress they put me through and felt sorry for what they had done.  I completely forgive my mom for the few times she got fed up with us (and sorry we pushed you to such a state of distress).  Now I understand completely how you felt.  I'm so glad my kids can likewise forgive me.  Someday they will better understand.  They truly have the light of Christ in their hearts (although sometimes I really wonder).

Thank YOU MOM!  For teaching me that happiness dwells in our hearts and is only fully realized through loving others.  Teaching me about forgiveness and repentance.  Teaching me that happy homes don't often look like something out of a Home and Gardens magazine.  That there are much more important things in life.  I love you! I'm so glad my kids have you as their grandma.

enjoying the fruits of grand-parenthood
My parents with all their kids and our families... minus four grand-kids (since this photo is a few yrs old).

A wonderful video about moms :o)

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