Thursday, June 14, 2012

Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

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Oh, heavens. I'm so in love with this product right now. After dealing with Eczema for both of my kids I finally found something that works. I think living in a hot climate has been really bad for Caleb.  Here he is 16 months old and I finally found something that works.

I've tried about 7 different types of lotions creams and medications and wasted a lot of money.  I even recently spent about $12 on a tiny canister of all natural ointment "Eczema Free."   Do your baby a favor and try this.  It cleared up his 2-month-long, back-of-knee flare-up overnight.  Seriously his skin has been red, raw, and irritated for 2 months and the inflammation disappeared overnight and they are completely healed 2 days later.  No other ointment cream, medication, that I have tried have had such visible results.

Usually I wishfully think, "Oh I think it looks a little better, I'm sure if I religiously apply it, it will get better with time."  I have a hard time spending money on products and not using them up.  Nothing else has really made a noticeable difference.

I have been using Gentle Naturals Eczema Cream for years. I used it on Kelty and it was okay. It does okay preventing irritation and helps the skin to repel water but it doesn't really do much once a flare-up starts.  I used to use that and then hydro-cortisone cream on her whenever she had a bad flare-up.  With Caleb, we moved to a much hotter climate and I think it has exacerbated his eczema.
For about 2 months he has had raw, irritated, scaly skin on the backs of his knees.  He also got a couple new raw patches on the tops of his feet and around the ankle.  It is so hot here, but I hated putting him in shorts because his raw skin was exposed.

 Hopefully this is the end of his continued misery.  I will update this later on if I feel it is no longer keeping his eczema under control but at this point (fingers crossed) I am hooked.
Here's my sensitive skinned and fair beauty. -self portrait.

Such a happy boy!
UPDATE: About 2 weeks into using this Eczema cream Caleb is starting to have redness under his knees again.  I'm trying to keep up on it, but it is definitely back... It isn't keeping it completely at bay with daily application. I guess his skin has adapted to it and just wants to be grumpy.  It's not as bad as it was when I first turned to this product. If it does get that bad with regular use I will remove my recommendation.

8/22/2012: Caleb's Eczema is doing much better. I use Cortizone-10 Intensive Healing Lotion for Eczema and Itchy, Dry Skin. on his occasional flare-ups and I'm still using the Aveeno Baby stuff after his every other day baths.

10/1/2013: I discovered Bleach baths this summer and has made a big difference  see this post

Controlling Eczema: Bleach Baths... 

I rarely feel the need to use Cortizone lotions and his eczema is better than ever.

 My Favorite lotion is also by Aveeno especially for my winter hands.

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