Monday, September 10, 2012

Best Bibs!

So, when DIY-daughter was a little baby I found some excellent bibs at Wal-Mart. Since DIY-son was born I've been unable to find those bibs. They look like this:

Dex Baby Dura Bib - Stage 1 - Small
They also make some that have big mouthed animals.  We love these. The best part about them is that they are pocket bibs that do not have a seam in the pocket (because seams leak!).  These bibs are durable. I usually have one for home and one for the diaper bag.  Once a week I toss them in the wash (warm wash, tumble dry low). They can also be washed in the sink with dish soap or with some diluted bleach, rinsed and hung to dry.  They have nylon trim and canvas-like backing so they can get smelly unless they are sanitized regularly.
Lately I've been buying them on under the search Dex Bib.  They are excellent baby shower gifts!

I've also seen some bibs by Baby Bjorn that look similarly awesome and easy to clean.  I plan to try these next. They may not roll up as small as the Dex bibs, but because they are all silicone they probably won't get smelley and be easier to clean.  I'm not sure about their size either (because I haven't tried them).

A nice pocket bib like these above have been a life-saver!  When my toddler had a stomach flu I kept her in her bib all day.  When she started losing her lunch I just told her to puke down (which she automatically did) while I picked her up and moved her to the tile floor (just in case).  Dump the contents in the toilet and rinse it off before putting it back on her or exchanging for the spare one that has dried. 
  For long trips in the car these are great for both car sick babies and for eating snacks.  I would just reach back and put her snacks right in the pocket and she would pick them out and eat them.  My little guy loves this too and they drop a lot less snacks down into their car seats.

If you find a retailer that carries the Dex Bibs let me know.  Otherwise I'll keep ordering on Amazon.  Are there any other amazing bibs you've found?  Please share.

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