Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Are you Hungry for Change?

So, I know it's that time of year when we evaluate our life and try to take better care of ourselves.

I recently watched a documentary called "Hungry For Change"  (it's available on netflix).

  Do you ever feel like you can eat all day long and still be starving?  Processed foods are high in calories and low in nutrients.  They leave our bodies overfed and yet starving for what it really needs.

God (or nature depending on your beliefs) engineered our foods in the simplest form for our bodies to utilize.  When people take natural foods and remove parts of them, the body has a harder time processing the foods into energy, because the building blocks are not there. If it cannot process it completely then it's left with malformed compounds that are actually harmful for our cells.  To protect the body it encases it in fat and stores it away.  Fat is actually our bodies defense mechanism.

My favorite part was when nutritionist, David Wolfe (the guy with the crazy curly hair) said we need to change our mindset from: “I want that, but I can't have it" to "I can have that, but I don't want it." The more you eat healthy foods, junk food loses its appeal.  

Another part I found very interesting was when Dr. Christine Northrup was talking about the importance of sleep (in the last 10-15min of the film) She said that sleep is the best way for our body to metabolize stress hormones. If we don't get adequate sleep then our bodies store those hormones in fat and can easily account for 2 or more pounds of annual weight gain.  I wrote a post about Balance and sleep was one of my main points.  I also feel that we over-eat and eat the wrong foods when our body is really craving rest.

I found this video to be very positive and focused on solutions and not just the problems.  There is a lot of information out there about the harmful effects of processed foods and the dangers of sugars. Some of these shows leave you thinking, "I can't eat, ____, __________, and ____ ________ _________ anymore.  This show focuses more on what we should be eating not so much of don't eat this, this, or that.

Are you Hungry for Change?  I am.  I know that when I was trying to lose baby weight I was having minimal results by simply exercising, and I was feeling drained. It wasn't until I addressed my diet (and focused on getting more rest) that the pounds started coming off.  It also helped my immunities and some skin problems I had that were exacerbated by exercising.  I recommend this film to inspire you in your quest for health and desire to nourish your family.

Have you seen this film? If you haven't, watch it.  What did you learn?  What changes are you making in your diet?

I recently bought a refurbished Vitamix Blender (my christmas present)... I love this thing:  Sometimes whole foods are a lot easier on the kids when they're pureed.  They gobbled up a tasty carrot soup and loved the spinach strawberry smoothie, plus it makes ice cream.


  1. Next time we have Netflix I will watch it. I love films like this!

  2. I saw there are other ways to download it on the web and watch it (for a fee). Did you know that Disney recently signed w/ Netflix. It's awesome that Disney classics are on there and the occasional new release. This is my favorite film like this so far.


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