Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cheesy Cauliflower Soup Recipe Review

This soup is right up my alley.  Tasty, simple ingredients, quite healthy, and crowd pleasing.  I'm adding it to my meal repertoire.

I was looking for something for dinner tonight and I have a whole cauliflower from my Bountiful Basket that needed to be eaten.  I searched cauliflower soup and this was the first recipe that I had all of the ingredients and it just sounded tasty and simple.  It was.  I was very excited because it also called for carrots and celery (which I also have an abundance of).  The best part was that everyone at it up and some asked for more.
I made it without the hot sauce (because I only have smoky flavored Tabasco) plus DIY-dad and I usually add the spice to our own servings.
Served with tuna salad and a choice of bread or crackers.

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